Oil Paintings by Randy Larson

randy larsonMy interest in art began in 1979 when I started working in sales with Morton Buildings. Our company had set-up a booth at the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show directly across the hall from a professional artist named Charlie Summey. I was amazed at his abilities since he would paint every day while selling. When the show was over my wife bought me a starter oil painting set and I started. Charlie and I became friends and I made many trips to his home in Springfield, Missouri. There I got to see friends, relatives and most importantly paint with Charlie. I learned a lot from him about painting and life in general. At home I also took lessons from Clara Stovall, teaching classes in Plano where I lived. She was a wonderful teacher and to this day I still use many of the techniques she taught me. Over the years I worked in many professions, but my passion was always in painting.

Over the years I have sporadically sold a few pieces, but not to make a living. My work is only in oil paint and I truly hope people enjoy the art I have chosen to share on this web site. For the most part my paintings are unframed, and shipping is included in the price of the piece. A frame can be added to any piece for an additional $75.

Lonely Windmill
18" x 24"
RL001 - $375

White Picket Fence
24" x 36"
RL002 - $250

West Texas Rocky Slope
24" x 36"
RL003 - $175

Mountains in Winter
24" x 36"
RL004 - $450

Wandering Elk
24" x 36"

RL005 - $375

Country Shed
12" x 16"

RL006 - $195

Windmill Near Town
24" x 36"
RL007 - $275

Abandoned Cabin
16" x 20"
RL008 - $85

Winter River
24" x 36"

RL009 - $450

Arizona Village
24" x 36"
RL010 - $375

Springtime Creek
24" x 36"
RL011 - $350

Castle and Creek
24" x 30"
RL012 - $175